Death is at the heart of every human fear, but who among us would not rather die ourselves than grieve for a loved one? Made by director Tom Lin in the wake of his wife’s death in 2012,

Zinnia Flower follows two strangers who are devastated by unthinkable loss after a deadly car accident: Ming (the extraordinary Karena Lam) was days away from marrying her fiancé when he was killed in the crash, while Wei (a startling Shih Chin-Hang, aka Stone, lead guitarist of the rock band Mayday) loses his pregnant wife. As they each struggle in very different ways to repair their shattered hearts, they are united by the Buddhist mourning process, which brings them together every seven days to chant and pray for the soul of the deceased. By the time the meaning of the film’s title becomes apparent, you’ll be wiping away the tears. Presented with the support of the Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York.