Q&As with Ed Roe, Terence Nance, Alphan Eseli, Francisca Alegria and crew members!

Showcasing emerging filmmakers, this narrative program features seven unique films from seven different countries in six different languages. Programmed by Dilcia Barrera & Gabi Madsen.

The Girl Who Danced with the Devil / A moça que dançou com o Diabo
João Paulo Miranda Maria, Brazil, 2016, 15m
A girl from a very religious family seeks her own paradise.

Be Good for Rachel
Ed Roe, USA, 2015, 19m
World Premiere
Tonight Rachel is double-booked: a babysitting job and a nervous breakdown.

Terence Nance, France, 2016, 15m
New York Premiere
A classic love story in a far-from-classic reworking.

Little Bullets / Küçük Kurşunlar
Alphan Eseli, Turkey, 2016, 14m
World Premiere
Forced to flee Syria for the border region of Southeast Anatolia, a mother and daughter struggle to accept their newly found safety.

Marta Hernaiz Pidal, Bosnia and Herzegovina/Mexico, 2016, 15m
U.S. Premiere
Selma is determined to get rid of the Romani woman sitting on her apartment’s entrance steps.

Land of the Lost Sidekicks
Roger Ross Williams, USA, 2016, 6m
World Premiere
When his home is magically transformed into a dark forest filled with animated characters from classic Disney movies, a young boy learns to confront his fears.

And The Whole Sky Fit In The Dead Cow’s Eye / Y todo el celo cupo en el ojo de la vaca muerta
Francisca Alegria, Chile/USA, 2016, 19m
Emeteria is visited by a ghost she believes has come to take her to the afterlife. But he has more devastating news.