Q&As with Daniel Augusto and Kristy Guevara-Flanagan

This is the second annual edition of a program focusing on the best in new horror, thriller, sci-fi, pitch-black comedy, twisted noir, and fantasy shorts from around the world. Programmed by Laura Kern.

The Signalman
Daniel Augusto, Brazil, 2015, 15m
U.S. Premiere
In a story adapted from Dickens, a reclusive railway worker’s routine is mysteriously disrupted.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Johannes Kizler & Nik Sentenza, Germany, 2016, 11m
North American Premiere
A single mother and her teenage daughter must contend with something far more fraught than their relationship.

New Gods
Jack Burke, UK, 2016, 15m
World Premiere
Sickness challenges the resiliency of a utopian existence.

Quenottes (Pearlies)
Pascal Thiebaux & Gil Pinheiro, Luxembourg/France, 2015, 13m
Small, furry, and ferocious, the tooth fairy will defend its enamel treasures at any cost.

What Happened to Her
Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, USA, 2016, 15m
A biting, beautifully gruesome exploration of female corpses, as portrayed nude on screen.

Adam Goldhammer, Canada, 2016, 14m
World Premiere
Since Father’s disappearance, Mother hasn’t quite seemed herself . . .