The NYC Transmedia Meetup was founded as a monthly gathering of creative professionals looking to discuss the emerging field of multi-platform storytelling. By 2011, the group had evolved from a loose confederation of storytellers into a community that would become known as StoryCode. That same year, NYFF launched its Convergence section. On the fifth anniversary of both programs, StoryCode cofounder Mike Knowlton and a panel of key players from the New York interactive scene—game designers, immersive theater directors, virtual reality producers, and interactive filmmakers—reflect on where we’ve been and imagine where we’re headed.


Vassiliki Khonsari – 1979 Revolution (NYFF 2015)
Michael Rau – Temping (NYFF 2015)
Ram Devineni – Priya’s Mirror (NYFF 2016)
Winslow Porter – Giant VR (NYFF 2016)
Milica Zec – Giant VR (NYFF 2016)