The team at Dark Corner have made a name for themselves on 360 degree virtual reality film projects that explore the boundaries of horror cinema by placing audiences in the center of thrilling—and often terrifying—scenarios. Convergence will feature the world premiere of their latest piece Night Night as well Dark Corner’s Mule and Catatonic.
Night Night
Guy Shelmerdine, USA, 7m
World Premiere
Night Night takes you from the safety of your childhood bed to a clown-filled nightmare dreamscape. A Dark Corner, MPC, and Unit Sofa production.
Guy Shelmerdine, USA, 6m
A thrilling, emotional journey through the last moments of a man’s life. Choose your ending—do you want to be buried or cremated? A Dark Corner production.
Guy Shelmerdine, USA, 5m
This pioneering horror experience places you in the POV of a new patient as you are welcomed into a sinister psychiatric hospital. A Dark Corner & Here Be Dragons production.