Introduction by Philippe Garrel

This astonishingly beautiful black-and-white silent film was shot in the Black Forest of Germany with a cast of three (Bernadette Lafont, Laurent Terzieff, and Stanislas Robiolle), and is a primal response to the events of May ’68 as they were still unfolding. Lafont synopsized the film perfectly: “A couple and their child flee in the face of an unknown but still considerable menace… In a desolate landscape, full of humidity and humiliation, we see the weakest of beings stage his revolt: a child.” According to the cinematographer Michel Fournier, Garrel allowed him “the greatest liberty to improvise and to invent, with voluntarily minimal lighting in order to stimulate our imagination, and an extremely sensitive film stock in order to capture the faintest glimmers or the strongest apparitions.” A Film Desk release.

Digital remaster courtesy of Re:Voir