Q&A with Xavier Marrades, Lucien Monot, and Laura Ferrés following the screening on 9/30. Q&A with Marrades and Monot following the screening on 10/3.

For its second year, NYFF showcases films from around the world that capture the versatility and depth of short nonfiction.  Programmed by Tyler Wilson

Directed by Xavier Marrades
A widowed truck driver considers the nature of his companionship with a dove in this ethereal, moving work about loss and renewal.
Spain, 2017, 17m, New York Premiere

The Brick House
Directed by Eliane Esther Bots
With meticulous detail, Bots sensuously captures the placid movements and sounds of two friends inside a Dutch apartment as they share memories—both pleasant and harrowing—of their childhood in Tanzania.
Netherlands, 2016, 16m, North American Premiere

The True Tales / Les histoires vraies
Directed by Lucien Monot
Shooting on 16mm, Monot constructs a buoyant ode to his father, who wanders in and out of scripted scenarios that deconstruct his personal history while refracting his family’s unspoken loss.
Switzerland, 2017, 22m, U.S. Premiere

Two / Due
Directed by Riccardo Giacconi
Giacconi’s schematic, almost surreal essay film maps the development of a utopian residential neighborhood planned by Silvio Berlusconi in the seventies, and offers a representation of the not-yet prime minister’s lasting impact on Italian culture.
France/Italy, 2017, 16m, North American Premiere

The Disinherited / Los Desheredados
Directed by Laura Ferrés
In this funny and tender portrait that deftly blurs documentary and fiction, Ferrés’s father reluctantly endures the demise of his family business while trying to retain his dignity.
Spain, 2017, 19m, North American Premiere