Q&As with Mathieu Amalric following the screenings on 10/13 (joined by Caroline Detournay and Barbara Hannigan) and 10/14.

C’est presque au bout du monde (France, 2015, 16m)

Zorn (2010-2017) (France, 2017, 54m)

Music Is Music (France, 2017, 21m)

These three movies from Mathieu Amalric are musicals, from the inside out: they move with the mental and physical energies of John Zorn, the wildly prolific and protean composer/performer/bandleader/record label founder/club owner and all-around grand spirit of New York downtown music; and via the great Canadian-born soprano/conductor/champion of modern classical music Barbara Hannigan. Amalric’s Zorn film began as a European TV commission that was quickly abandoned in favor of something more intimate: an ongoing dialogue between two friends that will always be a work-in-progress. The two shorter pieces that bracket the Zorn feature Hannigan nurturing music into being with breath, sound, and spirit. Taken together, the three films make for one thrilling, intimate musical-gestural-cinematic ride.