Q&As with Nicole Perlman, Danny Lee, Phillip Montgomery and choreographer Denna Thomsen, and Ilja Rautsi on September 29 & 30

Just Philippot, France, 2017, 18m
NY Premiere
As contaminated rain threatens to wipe out humanity, a married couple desperately battle to keep their young son safe.

The Slows
Nicole Perlman, USA, 2018, 20m
NY Premiere
In a regenerating post-apocalyptic world, the only remaining traces of naturally reproduced life face extinction.

Danny Lee, USA, 2018, 17m
NY Premiere
The career of an embittered former horror star (M. Emmet Walsh) who longs for his glory days comes gruesomely full circle.

Child of the Sky
Phillip Montgomery, USA, 2018, 15m
NY Premiere
Lost in the desert, a woman gets lured into a nightmarish world of cult violence in this deeply chilling Mesopotamian myth–infused tale told through ferocious dance movements.

Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre  
Ilja Rautsi, Finland, 2018, 15m
NY Premiere
A female car-crash survivor offers a very definitive response to the incessant “educating” by the infantile male chauvinists of the household that’s taken her in.