Q&As with George Clark and Ryan Ferko on Oct. 5 (joined by Luise Donschen) & Oct. 6

Entire Days Together / Ganze Tage zusammen
Luise Donschen, Germany, 2019, 23m
World Premiere
A young girl is cured of her epilepsy just as summer vacation is about to begin. During her last days with her classmates, she’ll come to experience life in a new way. Arranged as a series of elliptical tableaux, this haunting narrative from Luise Donschen (Casanova Gene) captures a simultaneous sense of discovery and disorientation as it proceeds from the confines of the classroom to a wider world of adolescent anxieties.

Hrvoji, Look at You From the Tower
Ryan Ferko, Canada/Serbia/Croatia/Slovenia, 2019, 17m
U.S. Premiere
Ryan Ferko’s mutating portrait of the former Yugoslavia descends from the verdant hillsides to the ruined underbelly of this historical no-man’s-land, linking myth and memory through first-person anecdotes, remnants of ancient artifacts and architecture, and the imported sounds of 1970s stadium rock.

Houses (for Margaret)
Luke Fowler, UK, 2019, 5m
World Premiere
Luke Fowler constructed this tribute to Scottish filmmaker and poet Margaret Tait on the occasion of her centenary. Setting off to Tait’s native Orkney, Fowler creates a record of her life and work through images of her past dwellings, filming locations and notebooks. The soundtrack consists of location recordings made in Orkney and an archival tape recording of Tait reciting her poem “Houses,” in which she reflects on the meaning of home.

Double Ghosts
George Clark, Chile/Taiwan/UK, 2018, 35mm, 31m
North American Premiere
Inspired by an unfinished film by Chilean director Raúl Ruiz, George Clark’s globetrotting short retraces Ruiz’s ill-fated production from the beaches of Viña del Mar and the port of Valparaiso to the cemeteries of New Taipei City. Framed around a conversation with Ruiz’s widow, the filmmaker Valeria Sarmiento, Double Ghosts channels the spirit of this unrealized project into a poetic reflection on the creative process and the power of influence.