Have you ever sought out a movie you once saw and loved, and discovered that there is no longer any way to watch it? Movies go “missing” all the time, whether due to lapses in preservation and archiving, complexities of copyright and distribution, or technological obsolescence. To address these lacunae—which can powerfully shape what we know and regard as the cinematic canon— a group of filmmakers, distributors, archivists, and lawyers have founded the organization Missing Movies. We are pleased to welcome Missing Movies board members and advisors Amy Heller, Dennis Doros, Nancy Savoca, Rich Guay, Ira Deutchman, and Maya Cade to NYFF60 for a special presentation and workshop aimed at empowering the filmmaking community with the tools to liberate lost films and to ensure that the cinema of the present avoids the same fate. Bring your own stories of missing movies to the workshop—our expert guests will teach you how you can join the effort to track them down!

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