This NYFF61 Crosscuts Talk brought together Annie Baker (Janet Planet) and Raven Jackson (All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt), the directors of two of the most self-assured debut films of the year, for a conversation about the coming-of-age genre, writing practices, and non-traditional scripts.

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Baker and Jackson have each crafted tone poems of breathtaking delicacy. With stories that weave together themes of motherhood and coming-of-age with a lush, exquisitely detailed sense of place, they each distill and transpose the singular qualities of their literary work—the eloquently understated naturalism of Baker’s plays; the sensuous yet vibrant lyricism of Jackson’s poetry—to the cinematic medium.

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Enjoy the conversation with Annie Baker and Raven Jackson, moderated by NYFF Main Slate Committee member Kameron Austin Collins, and subscribe here for more filmmaker conversations.

Watch and listen below.