Directors Nancy Savoca and Joanna Arnow joined us for a conversation with NYFF Talks Programmer Madeleine Whittle about their careers and films as a part of the Crosscuts section of the NYFF61 Talks Program.

With this year’s NYFF Revivals selections Household Saints (1993) and Renata (1982), New York native Nancy Savoca casts a playfully incisive eye on the ways in which familial, social, and cultural expectations shape the lives of her lovingly drawn characters. Likewise, in the Currents section, Joanna Arnow’s feature debut, The Feeling That the Time for Doing Something Has Passed, limns the humor inherent in interpersonal relationships by charting the personal and professional indignities borne by its thirtysomething Brooklyn-based protagonist. Arnow and Savoca convened for an expansive conversation about their respective experiences navigating the New York indie filmmaking landscape across decades; their wry approaches to dialogue, direction, and mise-en-scène; and their shared interest in depicting independent women finding their ways in a world that remains stubbornly skeptical of women’s desires.

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