Film at Lincoln Center presents “Carnal Knowledge: The Films of Catherine Breillat,” a retrospective of Catherine Breillat’s films, to be presented at FLC from June 21–27, in anticipation of the theatrical release of Last Summer on June 28 at FLC with the director in person for a sneak preview on June 26.

Perhaps no filmmaker has so audaciously explored female sexuality and the politics of sex as has Catherine Breillat. An accomplished novelist, screenwriter (cowriting films by Maurice Pialat, Marco Bellocchio, and Liliana Cavani, to name a few), and actress (whose first on-screen role was in Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris), Breillat has been one of French cinema’s most fearless provocatrices, an artist obsessed with questions of intimacy and desire whose hypnotic and constantly surprising work rises to nothing less than the level of philosophy. Across a nearly 50-year career, Breillat’s films have unapologetically depicted, dissected, and condemned the plight of the female subject in a world dominated by violent, possessive, insecure, and self-interested men, through a compelling variety of angles, genres, perspectives, and stylistic approaches. On the occasion of the release of her latest, Last Summer (a Sideshow/Janus Films release and an NYFF61 selection), Film at Lincoln Center presents a comprehensive retrospective dedicated to this intrepid iconoclast, with appearances by Breillat herself.

Organized by Florence Almozini and Dan Sullivan.

Special thanks to Janus Films.