The 49th New York Film Festival began with a bang and quite a bit of celebrity CARNAGE…


NYFF takes over Alice Tully Hall (Photos by Jane Gaspar)


Cameras at the ready on the red carpet

(Photo by Jane Gaspar)


Pensive Publicists prepare for arrivals…and security checks their walkies… (Photos by Jane Gaspar)


Corey Stoll (MIDNIGHT IN PARIS) helps the press warm up for the NYFF talent. (Photo by Godlis)


John C. Reilly (CARNAGE) is cornered by the press (Photo by Jane Gaspar)


John C. Reilly with a twinkle in his eye and Jodie Foster…with model-tude (Photos by Godlis)


John C. Reilly talks Jodie Foster into taking a couple more pictures. (Photo by Jane Gaspar)


Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly (CARNAGE) (Photo by Godlis)


Playwright Yasmina Reza (Photo by Godlis)


FSLC's Richard Pena joins the “family photo” with Sony Pictures Classics' Michael Barker, Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly and SPC's Tom Bernard. (Photo by Godlis)


Japanese acting legend Joe Shishido (RETALIATION) is presented by his hype man. (Photo by Anamariaaa)


Joe Shishido wins! (Photo by Anamariaaa)


MISS BALA's Stephanie Signan is the belle of NYFF's ball this year. (Photo by Godlis)


MISS BALA director Gerardo Naranjo and star Stephanie Signan. (Photo by Godlis)


Stephanie Signan (MISS BALA) faces the interviewer's microphones and cameras. (Photo by Anamariaaa) 


The reps from NYFF sponsor 42 Below show they know a thing or two about “black tie” events. (Photo by Godlis) 


Photographer Cindy Sherman stops by to check out the CARNAGE. (Photo by Godlis)


Fraser Heston and Catherine Wyler are ready for the next morning's big BEN-HUR screening. (Photo by Godlis)


Asghar Farhadi (A SEPARATION) (Photo by Godlis)


The MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE trio (Josh Mond, Sean Durkin, Antonio Campos) (Photo by Godlis)


Team MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE (left to right) Melinda Gananian (wife of Sean Durkin), director Sean Durkin, Producer Antonio Campos, cast members Christopher Abbott and Brady Corbet, producer Josh Mond (Photo by Godlis)


Director Julia Loktev (THE LONELIEST PLANET) shows her visual flair isn't limited to her work behind the camera with a striking vintage dress. (Photo by Jane Gaspar)


Hani Furstenburg (THE LONELIEST PLANET) poses and everyone gets cozy as the photographers stay out of the pouring rain outside the tented red carpet area. (Photo by Jane Gaspar)


THE LONELIEST PLANET star Hani Furstenburg and director, Julia Loktev (Photos by Godlis)


Full houses all night long at Alice Tully. (Photo by Godlis)