Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard, filmmakers Albert Maysles, Damien Chazelle, and Joshua Oppenheimer, as well as a panel on Jean-Luc Godard featuring actress Héloise Godet, who stars in his latest film Goodbye to Language, are some highlights of the the third annual NYFF52 Live lineup. In addition to actors and directors, the free daily talks feature writers and industry insiders discussing their films and the latest festival buzz. NYFF52 takes place over 15 days, beginning Saturday, September 27, and this Live series is the latest in the roster of free NYFF events, including previously announced conversations with Bennett Miller, Mike Leigh, Pedro Costa, and Mathieu Amalric as part of the HBO Directors Dialogues, as well as a screening of Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow’s Last Days.

“For three years now we’ve tried to create new ways for audiences to engage with the artists and talent traveling here for the New York Film Festival,” said the Film Society’s Deputy Director Eugene Hernandez Friday. “This year’s roster of free talks is exciting because it represents the wide range of programming being presented at NYFF.”

Most NYFF52 begin nightly at 7pm at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center at Lincoln Center (144 W. 65th St). The festival invites anyone and everyone who wants to see and hear some of the New York Film Festival’s highest profile filmmakers and actors in this series which is supported by HBO.

Added Hernandez: “I hope that folks drop by the Film Center throughout the fest to experience these unique events. And if they can’t make it in person our digital team will have the talks available online after the events!”

NYFF52 Live

Saturday, September 27
7:00PM: Meet the Selection Committee
Join selection committee members Kent Jones, Dennis Lim, Marian Masone, and Amy Taubin in conversation about the 52nd New York Film Festival and the titles that made the cut.

Sunday, September 28
7:00PM: Discussing Godard
Film critics and historians talk about Godard’s films and career. Panelists include The New Yorker’s Richard Brody and Goodbye to Language star Héloise Godet. Presented with the NYFF Critics Academy.

Monday, September 29
7:00PM: Meet the Shorts Directors
Join us for a conversation with several of the NYFF52 shorts filmmakers who will discuss their work. Panelists include Tal Zagreba (Humor), Marcelo Grabowsky (Chlorine), Jayisha Patel (A Paradise), Andrew Rodgers (Crooked Candy), Oscar Sharp (The Kármán Line), Yohann Kouam (The Return), and Tommy Davis (Hepburn).

Tuesday, September 30
7:00PM: A Conversation with Damien Chazelle
Damien Chazelle will join Amy Taubin in conversation about Whiplash, the thrilling NYFF52 feature about a young jazz musician that was expanded from a NYFF51 short.

Wednesday, October 1
7:00PM: A Conversation with Joshua Oppenheimer
Joshua Oppenheimer discusses The Look of Silence, an emotionally wrenching companion piece to his first film, The Act of Killing, about the mid-1960s Indonesian Genocide.

Thursday, October 2
7:00PM: A Conversation with Abderrahmane Sissako
Abderrahmane Sissako will discuss Timbuktu, a serenely composed vision of the humiliation and terror wrought by foreign Islamic jihadists who occupy the ancient Malian city of Timbuktu.

8:00PM: Meet the Projections Filmmakers
Join us for a conversation between Projections programmers Aily Nash and Gavin Smith and filmmakers Sylvia Schedelbauer (Sea of Vapors), Jean-Paul Kelly (The Innocents), and Deborah Stratman (Second Sighted).

Friday, October 3

7:00PM: The Art of Preservation in Transition
Digital tools and technology have provided film restoration and preservation experts with new ways to bring films back to vibrant life and find new screens with which to captivate audiences. Distribution and theatrical presentation relies more and more on digital-end products while theaters capable of doing archival quality reel to reel projection become rare. This panel seeks to discuss the myriad decisions that are made during the restoration and preservation process. How are decisions made about when to use digital tools? How can digital and celluloid workflows benefit each other? How can original artistic vision be maintained when digital tools were unavailable at the time of a work’s creation?

Moderated by:
Dan Streible, Associate Professor in Cinema Studies and Director of the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program at Tisch School of the Arts.

Panelists include:
Elena Rossi Snook, Archivist for the Reserve Film and Video Collection of The New York Public Library (Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center)
Bill Brand, experimental film and video artist, educator, activist, film preservationist, and owner of BB Optics
Dennis Doros, co-owner of Milestone Film & Video
Amy Heller, co-owner of Milestone Film & Video

Saturday, October 4
7:00PM: Making Mr. Turner
The cast and crew of Mr. Turner talk about making Mike Leigh’s remarkable portrait of painter J.M.W. Turner. Panelists include cast members Timothy Spall, Marion Bailey and Dorothy Atkinson, as well as producer Georgina Lowe, director of photography Dick Pope, and production designer Suzie Davies.

Sunday, October 5
1:00PM: A Conversation with Marion Cotillard
One of the most exciting French actresses today, Marion Cotillard, who won an Academy Award playing Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose, stars in Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne’s Two Days, One Night, a film that is at once an unforgettable drama and a tough ethical inquiry.

Monday, October 6
7:00PM: Film Culture: Beyond the Male Gaze (in partnership with New York Women in Film & Television)
When narrative feature films are about to be released, who decides whether they are good? Who decides whether they will be shown at a major film festival? Who tells audiences what they should go see? Most of the gatekeepers and tastemakers are white men.

This panel will address how we as the film community can create change and open up film culture to include all genders and cultures. Marian Masone, Senior Programming Advisor at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, will moderate this interactive, problem-solving session.

Tuesday, October 7
7:00PM: Meet the Artist Academy Filmmakers
Come meet the filmmakers involved in this year’s Artist Academy, a showcase for some of the most exciting up-and-coming local talents.

7:45PM: A Conversation with Bruce Cohen & Ruth Vitale
Join us for a special Artist Academy edition of NYFF Live, featuring a discussion with Oscar-winning filmmaker Bruce Cohen and CreativeFuture’s Ruth Vitale about the challenges and opportunities for content creators today.

Wednesday, October 8
7:00PM: Unraveling–The Art of Self-Destruction (in partnership with Writers Guild of America, East)
Writers of some of the most hotly anticipated NYFF selections discuss their protagonists’ self-immolating urges and behaviors, and how to portray these characteristics credibly and effectively on-screen. Featuring Dan Futterman (Foxcatcher), Oren Moverman (Time Out of Mind), and Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up Philip).

Thursday, October 9
7:00PM: Sustaining a Career and an Artistic Vision (in partnership with Jaeger-LeCoultre)
Filmmaker in Residence Lisandro Alonso (Jauja) joins a slate of other NYFF52 filmmakers to discuss the challenges of sustaining a career while staying true to an artistic vision. Additional panelists include Nick Broomfield (Tales of the Grim Sleeper), Debra Granik (Stray Dog), and Matías Piñeiro (The Princess of France).

Friday, October 10
7:00PM: A Conversation with Albert Maysles
Legendary documentarian Albert Maysles joins a member of the NYFF Selection Committee to discuss Iris, a portrait of fashion- and interior-design maven Iris Apfel as she celebrates a late wave of popularity.