Irwin W. Young, chairman of DuArt Film Laboratories and past President of the Board of Film at Lincoln Center has passed away at age 94. A member of the Film at Lincoln Center Board for thirty-three years, he provided leadership as well technical expertise described by FLC Board member and Emeritus Executive Director  Joanne Koch as “indispensable.”

Joanne Koch further reflected on working with Irwin, saying, “Irwin Young served as the Film Society’s Board President from l994-1998. At this time we were experiencing a major expansion due to the opening of the Walter Reade Theater in 1991, which resulted in the Film Society’s becoming a truly year-round organization. Irwin’s leadership and support was vital to this major change in our operation and mission. He played a crucial role, not only as the Film Society’s CEO, but equally important was his contribution to independent filmmakers and our programs through the encouragement he provided as the owner of DuArt Film Laboratories which generously provided  both financial and advisory support to so many whose work we featured.”

Former Film at Lincoln Center staff member and current FLC Board of Trustees member Wendy Keys told IndieCollect, “For decades, Irwin Young was extremely generous with services he donated to the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Film transfers, screening time… he never turned me down when I asked for something…”

Irwin and DuArt were an integral part of NYC’s independent film scenes for decades. His lab was used by filmmakers from everyone from D.A. Pennebaker and Barbara Kopple to Spike Lee and the Coen Brothers. Irwin’s generosity was legendary, allowing many filmmakers to develop and print their films on credit or for free. 

As Joel Coen told IndieCollect, “Not only was DuArt the best lab back in the day, it was the only lab that was as friendly to student filmmakers from NYU as it was to studio productions from Hollywood. That was all Irwin – open to all comers, especially if you were on the fringes. It was a community lab for filmmakers, no matter who they might be…” 

We are very grateful for all that Irwin and the Young family have given to FLC over the years.  

Please take a moment to read some of the remembrances for Irwin below to learn more about the extraordinary impact he had on the NYC film community/industry. 

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