Journey through the world of Asian film distribution in the U.S. with a group of film industry professionals and distributors with first-hand experience in the business. It is a world and a game where arthouse darlings and blockbusters vie for their slice of the American pie. Often, distributing Asians movies seems very much like a game of cultural Tetris, fitting square-peg masterpieces into round-hole multiplexes and foreign film-friendly institutions. Marvel at the alchemy that transforms subtitle-phobia into box office gold. Discover how a once-niche market now rides the Korean Wave to mainstream shores, even as hidden gems still struggle to breach the great wall of audience awareness.

Featuring Doris Pfardrescher (President and CEO of Well Go USA), Marcus Hu (Co-President of Strand Releasing), Aliza Ma (programmer at Criterion Channel), Tom Sveen (Cinema Guild), and Jessica Del Mundo (10storyhouse), moderated by Anderson Le (Artistic Director of the Hawaii International Film Festival and Co-Founder of East Films).