Meet the fresh voices of Asian cinema in our short film panel and hear how they hijack the short format and turn it into bite-sized epiphanies. These short-form auteurs prove that cinematic dynamite can come in small packages, packing millennial malaise and Gen Z zing into exquisitely crafted mini-epics. Watch as the wunderkinds rub elbows with a few seasoned maestros in a talk that promises to be passionate and illuminating.

Featuring special guests:

Session 1:

Story Chen (Moderator)
Catherine T. Nguyen (Director/Producer, White Butterfly)
Achim Mendoza (Director, A Karaoke Space Odyssey)
Alyssa Loh (Writer/Director, Let)
Sally Trần (Writer/Director/Producer, Don’t F*ck with Ba)

Session 2:

Stevie Wong (Moderator)
Leung Kam Fai (Director, Save My Soul)
Lau Chi Fan Gigi (Producer, Save My Soul)
Celine Kao (Producer, The Horse)
Johmar Damiles (Director, Hot Seat)
Akihiro Nishino (Executive Producer, Bottle George)
Noriko Matsumoto (Producer, Bottle George)