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Sound + Vision is an homage to the people who create our music, who struggle and work to have it heard and, when they succeed, help us connect with one another. Journeys of personal and musical growth are highlighted in I Am Not a Rock Star, Broadway Idiot and Brothers Hypnotic, while in a number of these films music is a form of rebellion—intentional, as in protest songs, or unintentional, as in breaking with cultural mores for the pure love of music. In Born in Chicago and Muscle Shoals, the segregation and racism of the time is transcended, while in Gimme the Power, Viva Cuba Libra! Rap is War and Woodstock in Timbuktu: The Art of Resistance, music is a form of social and political protest. Whatever brings you to the music you love, these documentaries reveal the tenacity and dedication of the people who create it. Series programmed by Isa Cucinotta.