North American Premiere

We knew we had to find something special to test out the new 3-D capabilities of the Walter Reade theater—and what can be better than 3-D ejaculation jokes? This loose sequel to 2003’s Naked Ambition is Hong Kong’s second 3-D Category 3 sex romp, following Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy. Chapman To stars as Wyman Chan as a low-level sex writer for an adult paper with a successful girlfriend (Candy Yuen) who has been taking over in bed. Looking for something new he travels to Japan with a couple friends, meets up with expat Hatoyama (Josie Ho), and accidentally ends up a Japanese porn star. Filled with cameos from actual AV stars (Tatsumi Yui, Okita Anri, and veteran male star Kato Taka, who teaches Wyman in one of the bawdiest training montages ever brought to screen) and HK stars (Louis Koo, Sandra Ng, Charlene Choi, and Wong Jing) the film is a brilliant send-up of the sexual dynamics of porn film and a the various subgenres that are staples in the AV industry. The film feels like a throwback to some of the best Hong Kong Cat III comedies, with tons of innuendo, a bit of social comedy and rapid-fire wit, and fun (if a bit sticky) uses of 3-D. Part of HONG KONG FOREVER! Presented with the support of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office New York.