It’s unlucky number 13! That’s right, this year is the 13th New York Asian Film Festival and that means that you’re going to walk under a ladder, trip over a black cat, break a mirror, and wind up getting squashed by a falling piano the second you step outside. The only way to stay safe is to double down and make sure you spend your summer inside a movie theater watching eyeball-exploding Asian films.

Plus, check out Film Comment‘s fully loaded two-part Made in Hong Kong anthology. The Part 1 digital anthology explores the 1960s-90s. Part 2, located in the May/June issue, focuses on the 1990s-present and is available both digitally and in print.

Special thanks to the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office New York; the Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York; Korean Cultural Service in New York; American Australian Association’s Dame Joan Sutherland Fund; Celestial Pictures; the Korea Society.