Suvi Andrea Helminen | Denmark

New York Premiere!

48 Hour Games is an interactive “choose your own adventure” style documentary that is as much a game as it is a film. Shot during the Nordic Game Jam, an event that annually brings together more than 300 game developers from all parts of Scandinavia, the film is an intense exploration of the creative process.  Fueled by caffeine, competition, and perhaps a little madness, 48 Hour Games tracks the soaring highs and depressing lows of the Game Jam teams as they work towards the epic grand finale.

Originally released as an online experience for a single user, NYFF Convergence will host a fully interactive screening of the film with creator Suvi Andrea Helminen – an event that will ask the audience to chart the course of story through a process that the film magazine Ekko describes as “somewhere in between democracy and “survival of the fittest” – the ones who shout louder get to decide… it’s about cheering with your whole body. “