In what he considered his “first real video work” (after decades of reliance on his trusty 16mm Bolex), Mekas captures a pivotal moment in his life: the first time he’d had to move in over 30 years. Giving up the SoHo loft where he raised his children, Mekas packs up and relocates to a new home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, not far from Williamsburg, where he and his brother Adolfas had first settled over 50 years earlier upon arriving in America. A Letter from Greenpoint is a typically moving meditation that furthers key threads from Mekas’s prior work—the specific, subjective feeling of people, places, and moments; the ever-changing landscape of NYC—while also looking ahead to the future: the inevitability of change, the search for and establishment of a new home, aging, and the uprooting and replanting of oneself in a new situation marked by new faces, scenery, worries, and joys.

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