Q&A with Rachel Leah Jones, Lea Tsemel, Jamil Dakwar, Human Rights Lawyer, and Balkees Jarrah, Senior Counsel, International Justice Program, Human Rights Watch. A post-screening reception is open to all ticket holders.

The Jewish Israeli lawyer Lea Tsemel and her Palestinian colleagues have been working for decades representing their clients in an increasingly conservative Israel. We meet Tsemel and the team as they prepare for their youngest defendant yet – Ahmad, a 13-year-old boy implicated in a knife attack on the streets of Jerusalem. Together, they must counter legal and public opposition and prepare Ahmad who, like other Palestinians charged with serious crimes, will face a difficult trial in a country in which the government, court system and the media are stacked against him. To many, Tsemel is a traitor who defends the indefensible. For others, she’s more than an attorney – she’s a true ally. Courtesy of Cinephil.