New York Premiere!

Directors Clif Prowse and Derek Lee in person!

Clif and Derek’s Not-So-Excellent Adventure? Actor-writer-directors Clif Prowse and Derek Lee put a creepy new spin on the first-person “found-footage” horror subgenre, playing two friends named Cliff and Derek who decide to document their tour of Europe despite the latter’s potentially life-threatening medical condition. What begins as a deceptively playful “America’s Least Funny Videos” lark soon takes a gruesome turn when Derek contracts a mysterious infection after a one-night stand with a comely girl who picks him up in a club. The trip goes on, but Derek’s symptoms become more and more extreme, and you could say his illness is a classic case of—whoa, no spoilers, dude! Switching gears, Afflicted becomes a high-speed pursuit with Interpol chasing their seemingly superhuman—or subhuman—quarry from Italy to Paris, with Prowse and Lee’s fast-paced and inventive camerawork and effective special effects driving the action like there’s no tomorrow. A CBS Films Release.