The Dec. 3 screening will take place in the Francesca Beale Theater of our Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center

The first great commercial success of his young career, Akitsu Springs is a tear-jerking romance that finds Yoshida working in color and in collaboration with his frequent star and lifelong filmmaking partner Mariko Okada (in her 100th on-screen appearance). Adapted from a novel by Shinya Fujiwara and set in thermal spring–rich Okayama, the narrative follows the doomed love between an innkeeper (Okada) and a tubercular man (Hiroyuki Nagato) across 17 melodramatic years of longing. This classically moving tale is imbued with additional force by Yoshida’s masterful visual sense, deftly filming the interiors and landscapes of Okayama with an uncommon specificity of place and quintessential big-screen sensuality. Print courtesy of the Japan Foundation.