U.S. Premiere! Producer Andrew van den Houten in person!

Tickets to the October 31 screening include admission to Scary Movies opening night party with food, drinks, and costume contest!

What’s worse than mean-girl cheerleaders? How about resurrected mean-girl cheerleaders with supernatural powers? Following first the gruesome accidental death of the squad captain and then the demise of four other squad members when their car is run off the road after an outdoor party turns into a boys-vs.-girls fight, witchcraft is used to revive and rejuvenate the crash victims , who return to school to avenge themselves on the football players who caused their deaths—and anyone else they don’t like. While character motivation shifts as the action plays out (a sapphic subtext may explain things), there’s more than enough mayhem and laughs to go around in this twisty, satirical take on high-school horror. An Image Entertainment release.