Q&A with Ray Yeung, Tai Bo, and Patra Au

In his Teddy Award-winning film, Ray Yeung masterfully explores the lives of Pat and Angie, two sixtysomething women who have weathered life and love’s storms together for decades. Their bond is the anchor of Pat’s family, who affectionately call them both “aunt.” But when Pat’s sudden death shatters their world, mild-mannered Angie finds herself thrown into precarity, with her longtime lover gone and even the roof over her head contested. As she seeks solace in a group of LGBTQ+ elders who offer both comfort and humor, she confronts the unraveling of cherished relationships and the complexities of Hong Kong’s inheritance laws—a poignant reminder of the painful challenges faced by those who dare to love differently. Yeung, as in Twilight’s Kiss (2019), elicits beautifully understated performances from his cast, including the incomparable Patra Au and veteran Tai Bo, in a narrative that deftly navigates the labyrinthine intricacies of family dynamics, eschewing facile melodrama in favor of a nuanced, profoundly moving authenticity.