Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis began making moves together after the success of their vaudeville act. Their film partnership lasted for 7 years and 16 films. In Artists and Models, Eugene (Lewis) is a comic book-obsessed children’s author with an overactive imagination and Rick (Martin) is his struggling artist roommate. Upstairs lives a successful comic book artist, Abigail (Dorothy Malone), and her roommate and model, Bessie (Shirley MacLaine). Eugene starts talking in his sleep about a superhero, Vincent the Vulture, and Rick decides to use the stories to launch his own comic book series. It’s a success, but he’s keeping it a secret from Eugene (in case he remembers his dreams) and from Abigail, who loathes violent comics. One day Eugene dreams of half of a rocket formula that ends up to be the real thing! Soon after it is printed in the comic, Rick and Eugene are surrounded by spies trying to find the missing part of the equation. Directed by former Looney Tunes director Frank Tashlin. Ages 7+