Author: The JT LeRoy Story unravels the notorious, utterly fascinating tale of JT LeRoy, the literary sensation who turned out to be a hoax. “JT Leroy,” revealed in a 2005 exposé as the invented male persona of Laura Albert, a punk rocker and freelance writer from Brooklyn, published numerous, tough-prose memoirs about a life of prostitution and drug addiction; meanwhile, telephonic relationships with figures like Tom Waits, Courtney Love, and Gus Van Sant contributed to the author’s global allure and mystery. Director Jeff Feuerzeig, who profiled another troubled artist in The Devil and Daniel Johnston, lets Albert recount the infamous ruse in her own words, alongside reenactments, animated sequences, home movie footage, and recorded phone conversations. The result is a gripping story about creative desire, authorship, and deception. An Amazon Studios/Magnolia Pictures release.