In this singularly hilarious take on Bram Stoker’s vampire, Count Dracula is played by the inimitable Udo Kier (who also appears in a major supporting role in Bacurau). Searching for virgin blood, the Count comes upon the three beautiful daughters of an aristocratic landowner (Vittorio De Sica), but is interfered with by the estate caretaker (Joe Dallesandro). Produced by Carlo Ponti, filmed at Cinecittà, and written, directed, and cast by Paul Morrissey (director of the Andy Warhol productions Heat and Trash), Blood for Dracula is a modern, daring, and outrageous version that breathes new life into an age-old tale.

“How many Udos are out there? About 200? We chose this iconic, naughty ’70s version where Paul Morrissey makes Dracula look and act like Udo Kier, quite an honor for the Prince of Darkness himself. Would love to open this screening with Madonna’s ‘Deeper and Deeper’ music video in which Udo stars (we saw it one night at dinner during the shooting of Bacurau). What a great memory of the super-wonderful Udo Kier.” —Kleber Mendonça Filho