Q&A with Leo Wang and Kent Tsai 

Director Leo Wang (The 9th Precinct) has cooked up a hyperbolically hilarious reverse-heist action-comedy. With a star-studded cast firing on all cylinders and bringing their own brand of funny to each character and situation, Wang pulls off a dizzying array of crazy set pieces and head-spinning antics that look like they were raided from the prop closet at Looney Tunes HQ. A gang of scheming super-thieves, fresh off the steal of the century, are forced to put the money back thanks to some sticky extenuating circumstances. We’re talking laser-beam obstacle courses, cockroach catastrophes, and more sardonic fun than you can shake a stick at. Wang, a self-proclaimed “Hollywood Kid,” has taken his love for American TV and movies and spun it into a gloriously clever and explosive blockbuster satire that’s both a hat-tip to the classics and a beast all its own. But beneath the hijinks, there’s a heart that beats to the rhythm of Wang’s story.