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Jarmusch’s first full-length collaboration with Bill Murray (after the latter’s memorable turn in Coffee and Cigarettes) was this tender, melancholic road movie. After receiving an unsigned letter informing him that he’s the father of a 19-year-old son, Murray’s aging, lethargic lothario Don Johnston sets out on a tour through America to visit a series of five old flames. At that point, Broken Flowers becomes a showcase for a who’s-who of remarkable actresses: Sharon Stone as a widowed race-car-driver’s wife, Six Feet Under’s Frances Conroy as a flower-child-turned-realtor living in a squeaky-clean prefab, Jessica Lange as a pet psychiatrist guarded by her chilly assistant (Chloë Sevigny), and Tilda Swinton as a bitter, beaten-down biker’s girlfriend. An American Odyssey with a mysteriously absent Telemachus and a set of unwilling Penelopes, Broken Flowers builds to a deeply affecting climax.

Screening with:

Int. Trailer. Night.
Jim Jarmusch | 10m

An actress (Chloë Sevigny) attempts to take a cigarette break in her trailer on a film set.