Bob Fosse, 1972, USA, 35mm, 124m
Celebrating its 50th anniversary on February 13, 2022, Cabaret is no ordinary movie musical. Adapted from the hit Broadway show, this film—starring Liza Minnelli, Michael York, Joel Grey, and Helmut Griem—set a record for winning the most Oscars of any film (eight) without taking home Best Picture. Both choreographed and directed by Fosse, this seminal dance film will be presented in 35mm on the closing night of the 50th Dance on Camera Festival.

Preceded by the Fosse documentary Steam Heat, followed by a 15min intermission:

Steam Heat
Judy Kinberg, 1990, USA, 60m
A “Dance in America” presentation, broadcast under the umbrella of “Great Performances,” this documentary examines the distinctive work of dancer/choreographer/director Bob Fosse (1927-1987) through clips of interviews with Fosse and his wife, dancer Gwen Verdon, as well as excerpts from his films and his television and stage appearances. In excerpts from a memorial service for Fosse, held in New York on October 30, 1987, various speakers, including Roy Scheider, Neil Simon, E. L. Doctorow and others, talk about his work and share insight into his personality. The documentary chronicles Fosse’s childhood, his start as a dancer and choreographer, the evolution of the distinctive “Fosse style,” performers who influenced his work, and the sources of his inspiration. In separate interviews, Fosse and Verdon discuss his colleagues and some of his shows; how dancer Fred Astaire influenced his work; the differences between his work on stage and film; dealing with rejection; his open-heart surgery and various addictions; and his relationships with his former wives. Also included is a brief interview clip with Fosse’s daughter, Nicole.