Writer, musician, director, actor Cory MacAbee (American Austronaut, 2001; Stingray Sam, 2009; Crazy & Thief, 2012) returns to the Film Society to discuss his most recent project, The Embalmer's Tale. Set in an America still reeling from the Civil War, the film charts the 1600 mile journey that carried the body of President Abraham Lincoln from Washington D.C to Springfield, Il, and the lives of the soldiers, surgeons, and morticians tasked with keeping the presidentā€™s remains intact. Through a global collaborative known as Captain Ahab's Motorcycle Club, MacAbee is leading a band of fans, filmmakers, illustrators, actors, and artists in creating a crowdsourced storyworld of epic scope. In a presentation featuring live music and video pieces from the project, MacAbee will share anecdotes from the front lines of this truly original experiment in collaborative art.

Presented by Cory McAbee.