Opening Night | Q&A with Carey McKenzie and Tendeka Matatu on May 6

The Consul General of South Africa, the Honourable Thulisile Nkosi will also do a 3 minutes opening remarks.

While investigating a smugglers’ turf war in Cape Town, township cop Sizwe stumbles upon police corruption. His boss and mentor, Venske, gives Sizwe the case but assigns a rookie, Legama, to keep an eye on him. After Sizwe discovers that a homicide is linked to Triad (Chinese mafia) through abalone smuggling, a tip from a former comrade leads to a major bust. Despite that the seized contraband is stolen within hours, Sizwe is still promoted to detective. It’s a bitter triumph though—he’s being played, and he knows it. In a world where self-interest and corruption have overtaken loyalty and honor, Sizwe is left with no one to trust, and integrity demands that he take the law into his own hands.