Loyal to its mission, the New York African Film Festival returns to the Film Society with the most thrilling and multifaceted annual selection of African films from the continent and the Diaspora to NYC audiences. Commemorating the International Decade of People of African Descent, this year’s lineup of over 25 titles from more than 15 countries represents a unique opportunity to reflect on the ways African men and women have broken through borders with films and narratives that form part of the global imagination.

Displacement, emigration, and personal journeys rooted in economic and sociopolitical upheavals have shaped African cinema since its inception, and 50 years later, in a world defined by economic crisis, climate change, and burgeoning regional conflicts, these issues are more salient than ever.

The 22nd edition of the New York African Film Festival offers a selection of narrative features and documentaries that places special emphasis on the short format and digital technology, both of which have become conduits for new stories, sounds, and images by freeing their creators from budgetary and technical limitations.

Along with these contemporary offerings, the festival will feature Senegalese pioneer Safi Faye’s Mossane, an international classic and milestone for African women filmmakers. Thanks to her achievements and those of others, the preeminence of female voices in the international scene can be seen in the broad range of women’s works this year.

Don’t miss Fabrice Monteiro’s The Prophecy, a series of hypnotic, environmental-themed photographs on display in the Film Center Amphitheater throughout the festival.