Preceded by a secret short selection from Jordan Peele.

One of the most shocking and affecting cinematic depictions of manmade atrocity, Come and See follows a 14-year-old boy in Nazi-occupied Belarus after he joins the local partisans and experiences firsthand the horrors of the Eastern Front. Directed with a brutal, unswerving commitment to stimulating and displacing the senses, Elem Klimov’s final film is a coming-of-age story draped in a nightmarishly realistic horror-war epic and draws heavily on the filmmaker’s own memories of the Battle of Stalingrad. “As a young boy, I had been in hell,” Klimov said about his anti-war masterpiece. “Had I included everything I knew and shown the whole truth, even I could not have watched it.” 

“The most harrowing horror film of all time is based on a true story. The film invites us to witness the atrocities of war as seen through the eyes of a child. The young star’s face changes dramatically over the course of the film.” —Jordan Peele