The Game
Pedro Coutinho | Brazil | Portuguese with English subtitles | 2013 | HDCAM | 19m

After an argument during a road trip to the country, Julia and Fred begin a sexual
game with definitive consequences for not only their relationship, but also other
areas of their lives.

Brandon Zuck | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 15m

Ash invites his ex on a road trip to the Florida Keys, never mentioning that their weekend getaway is actually a dangerous drug deal.

Sweet Honey Chile’
Talibah L. Newman | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 18m

A young boy, Honey, explores identity and grief with his mystical neighbor, while in the midst of the struggle to help his mother lay his grandfather to rest.

When Sunny Gets Blue
Oded Naaman | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 19m

When a jazz pianist sinks into a dark place because he can no longer play, could a quirky journey with odd characters help him regain hope for life?

Made in Chinatown
Kevin Lau | USA | Mandarin and English with English subtitles | 2013 | HDCAM | 17m

Los Angeles, 1967. A frog, a seamstress, and a factory king all collide in this tragic love story.