El Adiós
Clara Roquet, Spain, 2015, DCP, 14m
Spanish and Catalan with English subtitles

A Bolivian maid attempts to honor her late mistress's last wishes.

Devil Deal Blues
Rob Brink, USA, 2015, DCP, 15m

1936 San Antonio. A hot, young Blues troubador takes his shot at stardom, playing for the American Record Company in the Depression-era race records.

Robin Fraser, United Kingdom, 2015, DCP, 12m

Set high above New York's East River, a man at the end of his rope sees a chance at redemption.

The Visitor
Ferran Mendoza Soler, Dina Harb, USA, 2015, DCP, 20m

The first encounter with your loved one's family can be an otherworldly experience. What are the rules of engagement? What are the dangers?

Stay Awake
Jamie Sisley, USA, 2015, DCP, 14m

Brothers, a mother, songs from the '70s, Xanax, and a woman named Vicki. Stay Awake explores addiction and making sacrifices for people you love.
Friday, May 1, 7:00pm