Update: Due to the blackout, the second half of this shorts program will be screening tonight, July 14, at 10:30pm, featuring The Stop, Unfolding, Sound and Sole, and Dance, Dance, Evolution. Ticket holders for the July 13 screening will be admitted.

About Face
Yoram Savion, USA, 2019, 6m
World Premiere
About Face is the first of a series of short films putting a different spin on the school-to-prison pipeline, and the role of fathers to black and brown children in the disruption of that paradigm. Based on spoken word poetry by Marc Bamuthi Joseph, featuring Drew Dollaz and a musical score by Daniel Bernard Roumain.

Dance, Dance, Evolution
Jules Rosskam, USA, 2019, 18m
World Premiere
Dance, Dance, Evolution explores transgender people’s relationship to dance, rather than dance itself. The film considers how shifting one’s gender might cause shifts in how one dances, whether or not one feels comfortable dancing, and how dance may highlight an individual’s internal experience of gendered embodiment.

Mother of All Time
P. Sam Kessie and Lane M. Wooder, USA, 2018, 4m
A combination of dance, hyperlapse presentation, and dramatic camera movement, Mother of All Time shows how one’s interpretation of time can affect the perception of movement.

Lucy Doherty, Australia, 2018, 5m
U.S. Premiere
Reminiscence evokes the deepest bonds of love, and is a call to remember what cannot be broken.

Katherine Helen Fisher, USA, 2019, 5m
Jumps evolve into joyous flight and split-second connections are luxuriously lengthened in this arresting film featuring disabled dancers Alice Sheppard and Laurel Lawson.

SOHAM – The Swan
Usha Rajeswari, India, 2019, 6m
The iconic Dying Swan becomes a point of departure for the dancer Divya Devaguptapu, who uses the movement language of Bharatanatyam to depict the Swan myth, an Eastern symbol of supreme consciousness, life, and freedom.

Sound and Sole
Cara Hagan, USA, 2018, 6m
Arthur Grimes, born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains, is the only professionally working, African-American buck dancer in Boone, North Carolina. Sound and Sole recounts his dance journey from eager youth to professional master while demonstrating his deep love for Appalachian music, dance, and history.  

The Stop / На остановке
Komrakova Liudmila, Russia, 2019, 5m
A young woman has a fight with a wealthy older man and leaves his car to head to the bus stop. There she meets a handsome young man, and they are drawn to each other passionately, expressing this in the form of a tango. Intrigue develops when the car and the other man return.

Dylan Wilbur, USA, 2018, 9m
With surreal imagery and dream logic,​ Unfolding explores the tug between determination and anxiety; the balance between surrender and endurance.