Aboard a Mediterranean steamship around the turn of the century, Romano (Mastroianni), an aging, once wealthy Italian gentleman, relates his tale of lost love to a Russian traveler. Via nostalgia-tinged flashbacks, he tells of a brief, bittersweet affair with a fragile young Russian woman: how they met at a spa, how he pursued her to Russia, and how a knife twist of fate altered the course of his life. Weaving together multiple short stories by Chekhov (most notably “The Lady with the Dog”), this opulent, ironic romance is graced with a quintessential, Oscar-nominated Mastroianni performance—by turns elegant, impish, and melancholy. The DCP for Dark Eyes is a 4k restoration realized by Istituto Luce Cinecittà, CSC–Cineteca Nazionale and VIGGO Srl in collaboration with Rai Cinema.