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The culminating installment of the Small Axe is perhaps its most pointed and righteously indignant: painting a chilling portrait of the British education system in the 1970s, Steve McQueen captures the impossible circumstances facing West Indian students from their very first day of school. Kingsley (Kenyah Sandy) is a 12-year-old student whose school’s administration has advised his parents to transfer him to a “special” school better suited to his needs—but that school proves to be little more than an instrument of segregation, marked less by learning than by blatant neglect and apathy. With Education, McQueen brings the Small Axe anthology to a stirring, incensing conclusion through its multifaceted evocation of a system that doesn’t just disregard the UK’s immigrant communities: it seems to exist specifically to reinforce and institutionalize the racial hierarchy. An Amazon Studios release.

Steve McQueen’s Small Axe
Among the most remarkable achievements in recent world cinema, Steve McQueen’s anthology Small Axe consists of five films that stirringly chronicle the experiences of London’s West Indian immigrant community across a tumultuous period from the 1960s through the 1980s. Each film is a distinct and singular work in its own right; taken together, they form a powerful, complex, immersive, and endlessly rich historical portrait of oppression, resistance, and survival, glimpsed through the prism of the post-colonial experience. Join Film at Lincoln Center to celebrate McQueen’s accomplishment with a series of screenings of all five films within Small Axe, including a special two-week run of Lovers Rock (the NYFF58 Opening Night Film).

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