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Breaking onto the scene with one of the most acclaimed feature filmmaking debuts of the 1990s, director Kasi Lemmons drew on a rich Southern Gothic tradition to craft a profoundly mysterious, densely atmospheric family drama set deep in the Louisiana bayou of the early 1960s. The story unfolds across a series of intersecting flashbacks from the perspective of 10-year-old Eve Batiste (Jurnee Smollett), the daughter of a respected and charismatic small-town doctor (Samuel L. Jackson) whose voracious patriarchal appetites loom darkly over the Batiste family home.

In the first of his several collaborations with Lemmons, composer Terence Blanchard contributed a silken, sumptuously hypnotic score that amplifies and complicates the film’s central meditation on the mutability of knowledge, the obscure workings of memory, and the inexorable currents of time.