Q&A with Kim Da-min and Lee Anna 

In her delightfully unorthodox feature debut, director Kim Da-min weaves a tapestry of magical realism and inventiveness, drawing upon her animation background to create a world where a bottle of rice wine becomes a conduit for a young girl’s existential musings. Dong-chun, a precocious and exceptionally smart child, overwhelmed by her parents’ zeal for extracurricular activities, from Taekwondo to Persian lessons, finds unexpected solace in the cryptic messages of her newfound sentient alcohol oracle, which leads her on a series of strange adventures. The seamless juxtaposition of adult and child perspectives offers a poignant commentary on the human condition, as Dong-chun’s inventive alchemy becomes a means of divining not only the future but also the very meaning of life. With the storyline taking on a more whimsical tone, Kim’s assured direction ensures that the film never loses its emotional depth, creating a work that is as thought-provoking as it is enchanting.