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A nameless yuppie insomniac (Edward Norton) and a glamorous soap salesman (Brad Pitt) process late 1990s angst through bare-knuckled therapy in David Fincher’s ultra-sleek coming-of-age film for thirty-somethings. Based on the novel by diesel-mechanic-turned-writer Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club disappointed at the box office upon its release, when it was met with mixed reviews—labeling it everything from “cheerfully fascist” to “one sustained psychosexual ejaculation”—but it soon found a cult following. Nihilistic, uncompromising, downright hypocritical, and one of the most influential Hollywood films of the 1990s, Fight Club achieved the remarkably straight-faced feat of denouncing rampant consumerism through its use of celebrity actors and state-of-the-art style. 

Fincher’s darkly hilarious opus. But don’t join a Fight Club! This movie’s a cautionary tale.”Daniels