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Filmed at the peak of Jackie Chan’s prime, 16 years after his breakout turn in Drunken Master, this transcendent pairing of classic Shaw Brothers director Lau Kar-leung and Chan resulted in what many claim is the greatest martial arts film ever made. In this take on the legend of Wong Fei-hung, Chan shares the screen with the great Ti Lung and also Anita Mui, who almost steals the show as his motormouthed stepmother. The plot revolves around Fei-hung’s attempts to foil a foreign syndicate trafficking in ancient Chinese artifacts, but the film’s jaw-dropping kung fu sequences need little explanation. The lush, opulent film was made with no consideration for budget or schedule—it took three months just to shoot the final action scene.

Order drinks at the bar but don’t drink them until Jackie does! (Thrilled to be showing the full length Hong Kong release untouched by that same US distributor “Mr Harmy Crimescene”.)”Daniels