Q&A with Giuseppe Fiorello, Gabriele Pizzurro, and Samuele Segreto on June 1

Set in Sicily in 1982, Giuseppe Fiorello’s debut feature chronicles the budding romance between teenagers Gianni (Samuele Segreto) and Nino (Gabriele Pizzurro) in an era inhospitable to their love. Gianni is frequently bullied due to his homosexuality; after a chance encounter leads to his meeting Nino and being hired by Nino’s father, the two boys forge a friendship that slowly but surely mutates into something more. Their bond is soon uncovered by their families, and the promise of tragedy grows to seem all but certain. Based on a true story and drawing from the sensitive performances of its two lead actors, Fireworks is a moving and deeply felt examination of the painful moments that produce political change. A Cinephobia Releasing release.

We’re excited to introduce a dinner and a movie combo with our Italian programming this June, including Fireworks. For $30, receive one ticket to Fireworks and a select menu item at Café Paradiso, located in FLC’s Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center. Learn more here.