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A delicate Chinese box of a movie, Robert Kramer’s 1980 film achieves a power on par with the filmmaker’s classic 1970s explorations of the personal and political, Milestones and IceGuns follows freelance journalist and former radical Tony (Patrick Bauchau) as he blithely picks away at a gun-running plot that implicates the French government, Emirati oil barons, and a shady corporate gangster and his anxious, floundering son. At the same time, the film describes in heartbreaking detail the intersecting lives of Tony; his partner, Katrin (Hermine Karagheuz); her American lover (played by Kramer himself); and Tony’s lover (a mournful Juliet Berto). As the story oscillates between the intrigues of global capitalism and the day-to-day of family life, the ways in which these two worlds inexorably shape each other are made brutally clear.